Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources

What are the free materials you can use?

We are eager to share what we have produced. While we cannot offer technical support nor can we customize anything for you, we are happy to share what we have so you don’t have to start from scratch if you want to have a similar course. We recognize that different audiences might want different things. Whether you want access to only the new interactive tools to add to your existing course or access to an entire Principles of Microeconomics course that you can import to D2L/Brightspace to customize for your own use, we have you covered. We also have a Canvas course which you can explore to learn more about our story and see how some of our course modules look from a student’s point of view. You can download a copy of our course syllabus to customize for your own purposes.

OER Realized - Interactive Experience for Instructors

This Canvas course offers you the opportunity to see how the tools are integrated into an instructionally designed learning environment (e.g., connected the learning objectives, learning materials, and assessments).

Interactive Tools

This is a zip file containing SCORM packages of the individual tools that can be uploaded into your course. In principle, these packages can be loaded into any SCORM-compliant learning management system. However, we have experience only with using these in our D2L/Brightspace system. For more information about how to load SCORM packages into a D2L system, see Adding individual SCORM objects.

Course & Supportive Materials

Microeconomics Course

A "master course" that can be delivered in any format (In-person, hybrid, online asynchronous, and online hybrid)


Here is an example of a learner-centered syllabus template for our Principles of Microeconomics course. It includes the grading policy we used, as well as the schedule from spring 2022. Feel free to download it and adapt it for your own course.